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  • Photo of Tori Barnes-Brus

    Tori Barnes-Brus

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Teaches courses on inequality, deviance and social control, reproduction, media, and research methods. Her courses demonstrate a dedication to social justice, and many involve field trips or incorporate public sociology projects. She has sponsored numerous student research projects at the Iowa Sociological Association and the Midwest Sociological Society meetings. Her own research investigates the cultural construction and commercialization of womanhood and cultural debates surrounding women’s reproductive control. Ph.D., sociology, University of Kansas

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  • Photo of Erin Davis

    Erin Davis

    Hamlin Hurlburt Freer Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of the College

    Explores cultural diversity and social inequalities, focusing on gender, sexualities, bodies, and identities in her courses and her research. She also works closely with students on their research, sponsoring student presentations at the Iowa Sociological Association and Midwest Sociological Society meetings. Her research has examined transgender identification and the social regulation of gender, as well as women’s experiences in male-dominated leisure activities. Ph.D., sociology, University of Virginia.

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  • Photo of Mary B. Olson

    Mary B. Olson

    Professor of Sociology

    Teaches courses in sociology that address social inequality and social change, including American Indians: Culture, Activism, and Social Justice; Race and Ethnic Relations; The African American Civil Rights Movement Through Film; and Religion, Spirituality, and Community. Her research with native tribes focuses on fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest. Ph.D., sociology, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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  • Photo of Misha Quill

    Misha Quill

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Teaches courses in justice, gender, human rights, social organization, sustainability, medical anthropology, religious practice, and research methods. Her courses, which focus on the social world, often include trips in places such as India, Nepal, the Bahamas, Ireland, and Mexico. Quill's research in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Ireland focuses largely on the complex interactions that NGOs and nonprofits have with the people they seek to help. Ph.D., cultural anthropology, University of Iowa.

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  • Photo of Jill  Davis

    Jill  Davis

    Visiting Assistant Professor in Sociology & Anthropology

     209 College Hall

    Specializes in culture, bodies, performance, and identity, with a research focus on drag kings and queens in the U.S. Her research examines how people create and contest ideas of community and belonging through ritual and performance. Davis teaches both sociology and anthropology courses on gender, sexuality, linguistics, identity, and families. Ph.D., anthropology, University of Iowa

  • Photo of John Doershuk

    John Doershuk

    Lecturer, Iowa State Archaeologist

    Teaches archaeology courses and has supervised numerous Cornell internships and student projects on seven different Iowa field sites. Ph.D., anthropology, Northwestern University.

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  • Christopher  Carlson

    Professor Emeritus of Sociology

    Ph.D., University of Oregon

  • Alfrieta  Monagan

    Professor Emerita of Anthropology

    Ph.D., Princeton University

  • Richard Peterson

    Professor Emeritus of Sociology

    Ph.D., University of Iowa