Morgan Brim

“My experience in the department has been life-changing. The ability to understand diverse perspectives and experiences is one of the biggest takeaways. It will help me in my future and also make it easier to communicate with people in my day-to-day life.” Morgan Brim ’18

Learning without boundaries

Sociology off campus class

You can major (or minor) in either sociology or anthropology or combine the two for a sociology and anthropology major. Whichever major you choose, you won’t be siloed off from the other disciplines and majors. Faculty and students from both disciplines actively collaborate together, with courses from both fields interwoven into all three degrees.

In fact, you’ll find that sociology and anthropology courses contribute to other majors and minors, such as:

  • gender, sexuality, and women’s studies
  • ethnic studies
  • environmental studies
  • international relations
  • civic engagement
  • religion
  • archaeology
  • international relations
“The Cornell block plan offers a unique opportunity for students to participate in a hands-on archaeological field experience as part of their regular academic schedule, freeing up time typically used during the summer. This means there is greater flexibility to engage in more in-depth research opportunities, educational travel programs, or more intensive archaeological field experiences.”-Professor and Iowa State Archaeologist John Doershuk

One professor, one course

Sociology and anthropology class meets with professor

At Cornell, when you take One Course At A Time, your professor teaches just one course at a time—yours! This fosters strong connections between faculty and students and allows faculty to get to know you better. When faculty get to know you as an individual, they’re in a better position to understand your career aspirations and how they can help direct your course of study. The faculty in sociology and anthropology can recommend pathways that lead to service (like the Peace Corps), further education or getting right on the job market.

Majoring in sociology or anthropology can provide you with a strong pre-professional foundation in the following areas:

  • law
  • criminal justice
  • global studies
  • health fields
  • human-social services
  • public policy
  • urban studies