The Appropriations Committee handles student organization funding requests from the Student Activity Fund. Here is a running ledger

Meetings: First Three Mondays of the Block at 3:15 pm

Using your Senate-Approved Budget

Visit this tutorial for information about using a budget in community, including information on how to make transactions.

Types of requests:

Appropriations (asking for a new budget item)

Reallocations (moving unused funding, new budget item)

Reclamations (returning unused funding)

To submit a financial request, please fill out the Student Senate Financial Form.

The request must be completed by Sunday at 6:00pm before the subsequent meeting. You should always receive an email copy of the request. Email the Chair of Appropriations promptly if you do not get a copy.

What does Student Senate need to know?


Discuss the request, in detail

Show that you have achieved the lowest, effective cost

Illustrate effective planning and leadership

Explain how the event/item is open to the student body


Combination of an appropriation and a reclamation


Explain why the funds were left-over, not used, or unnecessary

What is the timeline for funding requests?

Reclamations require no further action besides the form

Appropriations & Reallocations require student representatives:

Appropriations Committee - first three Mondays @ 3:15pm, Senate office

General Assembly - first three Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, Commons Multi-Purpose room

For requests > $1,000.00, second visit to the General Assembly

What rules do we need to follow?

Student Senate follows its by-laws for approving funding requests. The current Appropriations By-Laws are available with all of the Student Senate documents online.

More questions or want to get involved?

Contact the Chair of Appropriations: