As mentioned in one of the previous sections publicity can be one of your best tools for having a successful program.  Have fun, creative, and innovative publicity up one week before your program, and then utilizing another form of publicity the day before or day of the program will likely prove to be the best way to advertise your event.

Some other things to consider when planning your publicity are:

  • Ask residents what they would like to see.  Every floor is different so find what works and stick with it. 
  • Advertise in advance, just not too far in advance.
  • Don’t over advertise. Eventually residents will stop noticing what you're posting.
  • Put effort into it.  No one responds well to bad publicity.
  • Keep it short and sweet!  You may only get a quick glance to make an impression. 
  • Play with the color, shape and font sizes.  Be attention grabbing but not overly flashy.
  • Place flyers in clever places (bathroom stalls, inside of trash room doors, above urinals, etc.).
  • Sometimes an individual note or message may be what you need.
  • Word of mouth, getting residents talking about an upcoming program to other residents can sometimes be the best form of publicity.
  • Go door-to-door right before the program starts for that final plug.  It’s harder to ignore a person than a flyer or e-mail.
  • Be sure to take down advertisements once the program has been completed.  This keeps only the most current and relevant information available.