Engaging residents in conversations is just one of the many ways an RA interacts with students and tries to help them feel like they're an important part of their floor, building, and the overall Cornell community. Staff should be intentional about who they're interacting with and how.

RAs engage in at least one meaningful conversation with your residents each block. Notice the things that they have in their room, what they’re involved in, and what they’re saying on social media. This will help you get to know your residents better and assist you as you work to meet their wants and needs. 

Pay special attention to how often you’re interacting with each of your residents. There will be those we see and talk to almost daily, and those who we barely get to interact with.

  • Is this their choice?
  • Is it because they are busy?
  • Is it because they don’t feel connected to their community?

Use this information to help you be intentional about when you're trying to engage with others on your floor.