Communication between roommates is key to having a successful and enjoyable year living together.  Every resident is different and brings something unique to their roommate relationship.  Sometimes the differences can clash and create conflict in the room. 

  1. It is important that residents talk with their roommate and establish clear expectations for each other and how their room will be utilized during the academic year. 
  2. Each should fill out a roommate agreement form. The form can be found on the Living with a Roommate page on the Residence Life website and printed copies are often in RA Offices.
    1. When the residents have finished, the RA should go over the form with the residents to ensure everything is reasonable.
    2. After everyone signs off agreeing to the agreement, every resident should take a picture of the agreement and the RA should place the original in the RA Office just in case there is a need to go back and revisit the agreement at a later date.