Some students will occasionally  leave personal belongings unattended in common areas.   Should you find an item in a hallway outside a room door please knock on the door and ask the residents if the item is theirs and to please remove it from the hallway.  If the residents aren’t home, or you happen to come across an unattended item in a common area not by a student room (laundry room, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) please wait a few minutes to see if the owner returns.  If no one returns please take the item to the RA office and tag the item with the name of who found it, along with the date and time it was found.  If the owner is known please also include their name on the tag.  Once this is done please notify the ADRL that the item is in the RA office. 

Abandoned Laundry

The laundry rooms in the residence halls are used frequently and at times can become cluttered with clothing that has been left unattended or has been abandoned. To help keep these spaces clean any items that have been abandoned for an extended period of time will be removed and donated on an agreed upon date that will be advertised in advance.  The ADRLs will provide more information to their staffs as these dates may vary from building to building.