As part of the RA role you will have access to master keys. The use of these master keys must be taken seriously and any misuse is grounds for disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the RA position.

Appropriate use of the master keys:

  • supplying necessary or agreed-upon services (e.g. lockouts)
  • investigating health or safety concerns with another staff member
  • ensuring compliance with evacuation procedures during a fire alarm
  • responding to a disruption (e.g. to silence a loud alarm clock or stereo when no one is in the room)
  • enforcing College policy when there is specific reason to suspect a violation.

The decision to enter a room must be made by a professional staff member. Members of the RA staff should never enter a room without the  presence of either the current resident, Campus Safety or a professional staff member. Under no circumstances should staff members let another student or guest into a room who is not a current resident of that room.

The master key should only be removed from it's turn-style lock during times it is needed, and then should be returned immediately after the intended task is complete. Master keys are never to leave the building and should never be handled by anyone who isn’t part of the Residence Life staff.  In the event that a master key or an RA box key should go missing, immediately contact your ADRL so we can take any appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of the residents and building.