Most of our larger residential facilities have a cell phone for the RA staff to use for on-duty responsibilities.  These phones are building specific and the number will be posted throughout the appropriate hall(s).  Students will be encouraged to call the cell phone should they need to reach the on-duty staff member with questions and/or concerns.  Staff will also use the phones to make appropriate contacts while confronting incidents and responding to crisis or emergencies situations.

The RA on duty will need to have the phone turned on and carry it with them at all times during their shift.  When answering the duty phone staff should always be polite and professional.  Staff should answer calls with “(insert hall name) RA, this is (insert your preferred name).”  Staff should also end calls when appropriate by thanking the caller.  In the event that a call is missed the RA should attempt to call the number back as soon as possible.  Every so often a call will come through that will not be related to RA business.  Should this happen please politely inform the caller of the purpose for use of this phone number. 

Occasionally staff may be in a situation where making a call on the duty phone is not the most appropriate option, or even a possibility at all.  Should staff find themselves in these situations please know that the duty phones do have text messaging capabilities.  These messages should be work related and fall within the intended use of the duty phone.  Please try to be concise when composing your message, and also be mindful that not everyone is knowledgeable of textspeak terminology.  

As you use these cell phones please be aware that they are the property of Cornell College and should only be used for work related purposes.  Any potential charges that result from personal use will be billed back to person using the phone at that time.  Also, any potential charges that result from damage or loss of the cell phone will be the responsibility of the person using the phone at that time.