The RA staff in each building will work together to coordinate the on-duty rotation for that residence hall.  Typically scheduling for the entire upcoming block takes place at the staff meeting during third week of the previous block.   Once each staff has determined who will be on duty each day the schedule will be posted in an shared on-line Google calendar.  Each staff member should review the calendar prior to the start of the block.  Any errors found at this time should be reported to your ADRL.  The on-line calendar will be considered the official schedule at 8:00am on the first day of the corresponding block, and any changes after this point will need to be made through the duty switch process. 

After the on-line calendar is considered official, should a staff member need to have someone cover a portion of their duty night, or need to switch duty nights altogether, it will be their responsibility to find a replacement.  This will preferably be someone who is currently on the same building staff, but can ultimately be any current RA.  Once a replacement is identified a discussion should take place about which date(s) the staff members will be switching.  After all the details have been coordinated the RA who is initiating the switch will need to send an e-mail to the appropriate ADRLs, the Campus Safety Superviser and the Housing Facilities Coordinator.  This e-mail should clearly state the date(s) being switched, the name of the staff member who was on duty on that date and the name of the staff member who will now be on duty on that date.  Please try and send this notification at least twenty-four hours in advance of the most immediate date being switched.  In the event that a switch occurs less than twenty-four hours in advance of a date being switched, the RA should plan to notify the Campus Safety staff via phone in addition to sending an e-mail to all the parties above.  

Please be aware that if no replacement can be found it is the expectation that the RA who is scheduled will be present in the building and able to complete their on-duty responsibilities.