To help ensure consistent communication and opportunities to connect with fellow staff members, RAs are expected to attend regular staff meetings.  These meetings typically include discussions surrounding community development, programming, updates on Residence Life initiatives, and campus events, while also having time to bond with other staff.

Meetings are generally held on Monday evenings from 8:00-10:00pm.  The official time and location of these meetings is determined by the ADRLs and will be communicated in advance.  During the first and third week of each block staff usually meet with the other members of their building/area team.  The second week of each block is normally reserved for an all-staff in-service meeting.  Typically there are no staff meetings held during the fourth week of the block to allow staff to focus on their finals, however the ADRLs can convene a meeting during this time if they believe it is necessary to do so, and communicate it in advance.