Fall Training - Staff will participate in a nearly two week long, comprehensive training program prior to the start of Block One.  Through presentations, interactive sessions, ice breakers/team builders and simulated scenarios staff will have the opportunity to bond with each other and practice the skills and knowledge needed in order to be an effective leader and resource within the residence halls.

Winter Training - Prior to the start of Block Five staff will return for a three hour training program.  During this time staff will have the opportunity to reconnect with each other and topics will be discussed based on training assessments from the first semester.

Monthly In-service - Once a month, usually the third Monday, all area staffs come together for a joint meeting.  Over the course of this meeting staff will have a chance to connect with those from other areas.  There will be discussion on any important business and upcoming events. At this time there will be a short training/development activity that will include a follow-up to discuss the content in one-one-one meetings with the ADRLs.

Staff Development Series - Staff will have the opportunity to take part in a "lunch and learn" program offered once each month.  These programs will be collaborations between Residence Life and our other campus and local partners regarding a topic either directly related to job training or personal development.