All staff are expected to assist with the closing activities the day after the end of Block Eight.  RAs are also expected to assist with the move-out crew at Russell Hall the day before Commencement.

Non-graduating RAs are expected to stay until 7:00pm on the day of Commencement to assist with closing the residence halls.  Staff may seek permission in advance from their ADRL to stay until the following morning if needed. 

Senior RAs who are graduating are typically exempt from needing to assist with closing responsibilities the day of Commencement.  Staff should verify their plans with their ADRL by the Monday of Block Eight finals week.  Seniors who do assist with closing activities following Commencement, or who make arrangements with their ADRL to complete additional responsibilities earlier in the week, will be able to seek permission to stay until the following Monday morning.  Those who do not assist on Commencement day will be expected to move out of their residence hall room by 6:00pm on Commencement Sunday.