students conducting research in the field

Research experiences should emphasize the development of disciplinary research skills and methodology and encourage you to engage with the planning, execution, and presentation of your research.

Research experiences should be presented, published, or made public in some form, requiring you to participate in a community of scholars.

Minimum of 60 hours focused on an independent or collaborative research project.

  • Research experiences must be presented or published in some form.
  • Living subjects research must be properly addressed through the IRB or IACUC.

Appropriate activities

  • Courses which focus on the development and execution of a research project

  • Faculty/student research

  • Senior capstone experiences with significant research components

  • Other experiences fitting the stated goals of the category

Pre-approved experiences

  • Art 487 - Art Senior Thesis, Art History
  • CHE 485 - Chemical Research
  • Cornell Summer Research Institute (CSRI)

  • GEO 485 - Geological Problems
  • KIN 512 - Extended Research in Kinesiology
  • PSY392 - Research Methods II
  • PSY 511 - Extended Research in Psychology

  • PSY 512 - Reading and Conversation in Psychology

  • SOC 484 - Research Design and Data Analysis

Student learning outcomes:

  • You will learn and demonstrate research methods appropriate to one or more academic disciplines.
  • You will be able to describe your own research process, including conceptualization, execution, and presentation of results.
  • You will reflect on your own potential for future research. 

Questions to address in your reflection:

  • Please address how you accomplished the learning outcomes. Be specific and provide examples. Include how you presented your work, or how you plan to present your work in the future.
  • What have you learned about planning, conceptualizing, and executing a research project? What would you do differently if you were to start the research over? What would be the next step if you were to pursue this research further?
  • What are the implications of your research? Are the results of the project meaningful? To whom?
  • How do you feel you developed, academically, socially, and personally, over the course of the project? How has this experience influenced your future plans?
  • Please indicate how you would put this on your resume, include the title of the position and 1 to 3 sentences describing your experience. 

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