Full explanatory details related to Cornell College transcripts can be found on the back side of official Cornell College transcripts or by accessing the Explanation of Transcripts PDF.

Transfer credit codes are explained here for the convenience of students, faculty, alumni, and officials from other institutions.

Beginning in August 2009, Cornell College transcripts reflect the following codes related to transfer work:

Generic Transfer Courses (those not equivalent to a particular Cornell course), are numbered to designate which general education distribution requirement they meet as well as the level of credit (100, 200, 300).

Generic transfer course numbers are three-number codes (011).

The first number is a 0 (zero). 

The second number is the course level (1=100, 2=200, 3=300). 

The third number designates the general education distribution requirement that is met by the course as follows:

0 = Fine Arts

1 = Humanities

2 = Mathematics

3 = Laboratory Science

4 = Science (non-lab)

5 = Social Science

6 = Writing course

7 = none

8 = Interdisciplinary

9 = FLA/Language


HIS 011 is a transfer 100-level course that meets the humanities requirement. 

TRN 033 is a 300-level lab science course

WRT 016 is a 100-level writing course.

Transfer Codes Detailed Requirements