off-campus studies students traveling abroad

Where do you want to travel and study?

You can study on an exchange program short-term, for the summer, a semester, or for a year.

How to apply for an exchange program

To apply for any exchange program, you must file a petition with Cornell and have that petition approved by Cornell.

Application (financial aid petition) deadline and tuition

Don’t miss the deadline which is the first Monday in December the year prior to when you travel or at least 90 days before you travel. As long as you submit the petition on time and the petition is approved, your tuition for the exchange program will be similar to your Cornell tuition.

File your petition(s) for transfer of credit

Each course that you want to transfer credit for must have a petition for transfer of credit form completed and returned to the Registrar's office. Only courses taken at an accredited institution will be accepted and you must pass with a "C" or higher. The course must also be approved by the Cornell department chair.

Complete your student waiver form

The student waiver form must be completed if you are studying off-campus on any program that is not a Cornell College course. This includes all exchange, affiliated, and non-affiliated program participants.