Example 4: Evaluation of Instruction

This evaluation form is used after instruction sessions with the librarian.  A similar form is given to faculty for feedback on the session. The form informs the librarian for revising instruction sessions for the future.

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Library Instruction Session--Student Evaluation

Course:                                                                                       Block:          

Please mark the item that best describes your assessment of the instruction session you experienced during this block.

1.   Content

1.1 Relevance

The content of the session was highly relevant to my assignment.

The content of the session was partially relevant to my assignment.

The content of the session was not appropriate for this class.

1.2 Degree of complexity

The content was at the right level of complexity and detail.

The session covered too much content.

The content of the session had too much detail.

The content of the session was too difficult.

I did not learn anything new.

3.   Outcome

I applied information from the library instruction in my work, either in the sources used, in citations, or in other aspects of my final product

The content of the lesson did not help me with my assignment.

4.   Resources

I got the resources I needed to do this assignment through the library, either by using resources in the library or by accessing resources through the library's web site or through inter-library loan.

The library had some information, but I had to supplement it by going to another library.

I did not use the library or its web site at all, either remotely or physically.

One resource I want to explore since I attended this instruction session:

One suggestion I would like to offer to the library:

A concept or skill I learned from this session: