Characteristics to note in this particular checklist:

  • This checklist is given to students when the assignment is given, and students are advised that this checklist can serve as a guide for them.
  • He also advises them that their papers are likely to be stronger if they pay attention to these criteria.
  • This is less formal than a rubric; it is intended to guide students as they work.
  • The instructor tells them that he will choose five papers (20%) to give to the consulting librarian to read; he will take these assessments as advice when he evaluates the papers; the consulting librarian also writes a summary of how well the five papers meet the criteria; the department saves these summaries and over time looks for patterns to determine what should be taught more intentionally.

This assessment, then, serves two purposes: to improve student performance and to modify the instruction.

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Bibliography Checklist for Psychology of Sport (Physical Education 215)


Sources are authoritative. Articles come from journals whose standards for publication include conscientious editorial review or peer review. Books cited are authored by individuals with appropriate credentials. Web sites are attributed to organizations or individuals with expertise on the topic at hand.

Sources are current (Older articles are justified).

Sources are varied. Citations represent various media (book, journal, website, etc.) Where appropriate, diverse points of view are represented. Sources represent a range of publication dates to show the spectrum of thought on the topic, as appropriate.


Sources are of an appropriate number. At least [five] different sources are included. No single source provides the primary substance for the final product.

Sources represent appropriate scope for the assignment. Books and journal articles are not too highly specialized for the scope of the paper. General reference citations are used as background material.

Special-interest web resources are acknowledged as such in the text of the document.Biases are explained.

Popular literature is included only when appropriate and is acknowledged as such in the text.

Citations follow APA citation style both in the text and in the list of references.

Information from sources is integrated into a cohesive text.