Information Technology Staff maintains a fleet of networked printers around campus.

    Black & white copies and prints cost $0.04 per impression ($0.0375 if duplexed), while color printing costs $0.12 per impression ($0.1175 if duplexed). Each student is allotted $18 for copies/prints each semester. Billing for any overage occurs after Blocks 4 and 8. You can check your usage online. You will need your student ID to print to the MFP devices.
    If you have any questions or need help with any technical services, please contact us at the IT Help Desk at extension 4357 or submit a Work Order Request and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.

Cornell Owned Machines:

Print queues will be set automatically. If you require changes, or other queues added, please contact IT.

Student/Personal Device Printing:

Web Print:

Printing from personal devices is made possible by Cornell's ePrint system. To get started, navigate to (Papercut is accessible to devices connected to the Cornell College network). Sign into the Papercut system with your normal Cornell College username and password.

Once logged in, you have several options for submitting a print job.

The Web Print tab will allow you to upload a document from your computer. Most formats such as Microsoft Office documents and PDF files are supported.

Add Cornell's printers to your personal device:

To manually install the CampusPooledMFP-Black and CampusPooledMFP-Color print queues to your computer, you can follow the directions on Windows Printing, or Mac Printing.

Windows Printing

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Type 'Run'
  • Type '\\print2' and click 'OK'
  • (You may be prompted for a username or password. Your username will be "" and your password will be your Cornell account password. Replace username with your Cornell username)
  • Next, Double-click on the printer to which you'd like to print (CampusPooledMFP-Black and CampusPooledMFP-Color are the two most common choices).
  • Your computer will download and install the drivers necessary to print automatically.


Mac Printing:

To add printers as generic printers:

  • Open System Preferences

  • Open Printers & Scanners
  • Click the plus sign icon to add a printer
  • Select the "IP" option (looks like a globe)
  • In the "Address" field, enter 'username@print2' (Replace username with your Cornell username)
  • In the "Protocol" menu ensure 'Line Printer Deamon - LPD' is selected
  • Enter the queue you'd like to add in the "Queue" field. (CampusPooledMFP-Black and CampusPooledMFP-Color are the most common)
  • Enter the same in the "Name" field as well.
  • Under the "Use" menu, select 'Generic PostScript Driver'
  • Next, Click "Add"
  • It will ask you if the printer supports duplex, check the box then click "OK"
  • This will add the printers as generic printers for basic printing.

To add printers with full functionality:

  • Download the MacOS print driver listed as "Mac OSX 10.7.5 and later, Duplex, Color" from here.
  • Extract the downloaded package, then install the drivers on your computer.
  • Follow the directions above, however under the "Use" menu, choose 'Select Software...'
  • In the 'Printer Software' list, select the "TOSHIBA ColorMFP" option.
  • Then click 'Add'
  • The default options are sufficient, then click "OK"
  • This will add the printers with a more full-featured set of options (staple, finishing, etc)


If assistance is needed, please enter an IT Help Desk ticket, and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.