This form should only be used by Student Affairs staff members and student groups.

If you are a faculty member who needs to reserve a vehicle for a class please use the form from Off-Campus Studies.

Budget Vehicle Rental Request Form

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List all persons who will be driving the vehicle. Drivers must be 20 years of age and meet the College’s driver eligibility requirements. You must also provide a copy of their driver’s license. Drivers must take and pass the Alert Driving Test. For a link to this online test, please contact in the Business Office.

Once you have submitted this form a copy will go to the individual who is requesting the vehicle. You will get a confirmation e-mail from Cindy Krob that the request has been confirmed by Budget and instructions on where and when to pick up your vehicle.

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Student Group please remember the following:

  •  Students may request use of rental vehicles only with the sponsorship and financial backing of a student organization recognized and funded by Student Senate.
  •  The request form must be filled out by the group's advisor.
  •  Student Activities Travel Plan must be completed with an accurate roster, and each student traveling must fill out the Trip Waiver. If these forms are not complete, student organization will not be able to utilize rental vehicles.