Orchestra being led by a music professor at Cornell College's historic King Chapel.

If you have a strong interest in instrumental or vocal music, you should apply for a Cornell College Music Award. 

Cornell College Music Award eligibility requirements

Awards are given based on talent and musical ability as demonstrated by your audition. Successful auditions result in a $500 to $5,000 award, which is added to your academic merit scholarship. 

Steps for eligibility Deadline

Complete your fine arts scholarship application.   
Students interested in Fine Arts Awards after April 1 should contact Evelyn Rush, Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter, erush@cornellcollege.edu

April 1, 2022
Complete your audition. See audition requirements below.
Complete your admissions application and be admitted to Cornell College.

Audition options

Contact Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter Evelyn Rush for more details.

Scheduling an on-campus or Zoom audition

Make sure to schedule an audition at least two weeks in advance. We'll do our best to coordinate with the professors who will manage your audition. Contact Evelyn Rush, Fine Arts Recruiter, for any scheduling help or questions. 

Music audition guidelines

  1. Perform two pieces, or excerpts of longer pieces, of contrasting styles of playing that demonstrate your musical ability. For example, instrumentalists may choose to play an etude and a portion of a solo piece or two sections of a longer solo piece; pianists may play two works or two contrasting sections of a longer work; vocalists should prepare two songs of differing styles such as two art songs or one art song and a musical theatre selection.  Student should not audition with any of the following: individual parts from choral, band, or orchestra music; or acapella vocal music. 
  2. Please keep auditions to no more than 7 minutes of music.
  3. Music that is written for voice/instrument and piano should be performed with accompaniment if at all possible. For live auditions on campus, we can provide an accompanist if the piano accompaniment is provided two weeks in advance.
  4. Live auditions may include a request for you to play scales, complete some basic sight-reading, or sing vocalizes (singers only). 

Cornell College Music Award renewal

As long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress and fulfill the expectations outlined your award is renewable for up to four years. 


Participate in at least one major ensemble on your principal instrument. 
If you are awarded $3,000 or more, you must enroll in music lessons on your principal instrument. You'll be awarded music lessons at a value of $350 per semester in addition to your scholarship.
Enroll in MUS 701 Music Performance Seminar. 

Next steps

What do you do next? If you haven't completed your Fine Arts Scholarship Application yet, get started today! If you would like to set up a campus visit with fine arts faculty or have any additional questions, contact Evelyn Rush, Visual and Performing Arts Recruiter.