Faculty Experts

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Arts and Humanities

  • Christina Penn-Goetsch, Professor of Art History
    Gender and Identity Studies in the Visual Arts
  • Sandra Dyas, Lecturer in Art
    Video, Photography, Performance Art
  • Anthony Plaut, Professor of Art
    20th c. visual art, especially: cubist collage, expressionism, art photography.
  • Scott Olinger, Professor of Theatre
    Theatre and live entertainment design and technology
  • James Martin, L.L. Hamline Professor of Liberal Arts
    Music, with particular focus on Wagner, Beethoven, and John Cage

Economics and business

  • Todd Knoop, David Joyce Professor of Economics and Business
    Macroeconomic Policy, Financial Economics, Business Cycles, Macroeconomic Development


  • Catherine Stewart, Professor of History
    U.S. nineteenth and twentieth social and cultural history
  • Tyler Carrington, Assistant Professor of German Studies and History
    Modern German history; masculinity; urban studies; Berlin


  • Katy Stavreva, Professor of English; Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professor
    early modern drama, early modern women, Global Shakespeare, early printed books
  • John Gruber-Miller, Edwin R. and Mary E. Mason Professor of Languages
    Greek and Roman literature, Greek and Roman theater, language teaching, digital humanities


  • Marty Condon, Professor of Biology
    Evolutionary Ecology and Tropical Biology
  • Rhawn Denniston, William Harmon Norton Professor of Geology
    climate, paleoclimate, environmental science
  • Barbara Christie-Pope, Professor of Biology
  • Emily Walsh, Associate Professor of Geology
  • Craig Teague, Professor of Chemistry
    physical chemistry, nanoscience, surface chemistry, ionic liquids, computational chemistry, chemical education, guided inquiry learning
  • Melinda Green, Associate Professor of Psychology
    Eating Disorders
  • Jai Shanata, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Chemical Biology, Single-Molecule Electrophysiology, Physical Organic Chemistry/Molecular Recognition

Social sciences

  • Erin Davis, Professor of Sociology, Associate Dean of the College
    Gender, Sexualities, Transgender Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory
  • Tori Barnes-Brus, Associate Professor of Sociology
    Gender, Culture, Social Inequality
  • Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Professor of Psychology
    multicultural and feminist psychology (especially intersections), feminist psychotherapy and pedagogy
  • Hans Hassell, Assistant Professor of Politics
    American Politics, Campaigns and Elections, Congress
  • William Dragon, Professor of Psychology
    Intimate Relationships
  • Aparna Thomas, Professor of Politics & Women's Studies
    South Asian Politics, Gender and Politics, Gender and Development


  • Kristin Meyer, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
    Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training
  • Steve DeVries, Professor of Kinesiology
    Sport psychology and coaching
  • Jennifer Rouse, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and Consulting Librarian, Arts & Humanities
    Performing Arts, Humanities, and Education
  • Kathryn Kauper, Associate Professor of Education
    Education, Teacher Education, Social Studies Education, Curriculum