Department of Chemistry

You can major or minor chemistry. The Chemistry Department has been certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) for the professional training of chemists at the undergraduate level, which means in addition to a traditional major in chemistry, you can declare an ACS-certified chemistry major.

You will develop both practical skills in research and the critical thinking skills necessary for an accurate understanding of the scientific issues our society faces. You will take courses on a broad range of topics, and we emphasize the relationship of chemistry to other disciplines. For example, we work very closely with the Department of Biology to offer a major in biochemistry and molecular biology

Benefits of One Course At A Time

Cornell's small class sizes and One Course At A Time curriculum allow you to become part of  a tight learning community. For 18 days, you become part of a group learning experience, with significant support from your professors and collaboration with your fellow students. You also have a lab dedicated to your course, so you're never rushed to finish experiments in a narrow window between setup and cleanup—the lab is yours all day, every day. 

In some of the introductory chemistry courses you might have lecture in the morning with lab two afternoons a week. Other courses may be taught in more of a workshop format, where you have a short lecture and then immediately go to the lab to get some practical experience with the topic.

Research and internships

We strongly encourage you to engage in research projects at Cornell or other institutions to help you become an active, engaged scientist. The opportunity to work in small groups with faculty mentors during the Cornell Summer Research Institute means working side by side with professional scientists who have varied research interests. We treat students as full partners in the research process, giving you an experience much like that of a graduate school research lab.

Dimensions Program for Health Professions

Dimensions is an academic enrichment program for students of any major who are interested in careers in healthcare. The program works closely with chemistry and other science departments to provide research opportunities and internships for students in health-related fields. 

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