You should include a short statement concerning the College's Disabilities Services on the syllabus for each course you teach. This statement should include the information that the student must have appropriate documentation on file with the Coordinator of Academic Support in order to be eligible for accommodation. The student must request accommodation within the first three days of each term by requesting the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising send an accommodation letter to the instructor.  You may also wish to refer students to the College's website on Disabilities Services.

An example of a statement about academic accommodations that may be included in your syllabus follows. You are welcome to copy and paste this statement into your syllabus.  

Cornell College makes reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.  Students should notify the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising and their course instructor of any disability related accommodations within the first three days of the term for which the accommodations are required, due to the fast pace of the block format.  For more information on the documentation required to establish the need for accommodations and the process of requesting the accommodations, see

An additional statement would be welcome that states that you are available for students to discuss academic challenges they may be facing so that even students without disabilities will be reminded that you are accessible and available for consultation on academic skills.