We are curious, creative, diverse, inclusive, civic-minded, and innovative.

We aspire to be lifelong learners of the world and lifelong participants in shaping the world we live in. We choose critical inquiry over echo chambers in pursuit of individual and community growth.

We listen to each other with the intent of understanding one another. We share knowledge with one another knowing that no single individual has all the answers. We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person. We practice empathy in order to understand the feelings, experiences, and perspectives of each other.

We are Cornellians.

We are students.

We are athletes, theatre kids, Greek life members, volunteers, and leaders from 45 states, territories, and international military posts, and from 13 foreign countries.

We are the faculty.

We are subject matter experts, educators, and mentors as well as artists, researchers, writers, collaborators, and innovators with 99% of us holding the highest academic degrees in our fields.

We are the staff.

We are experienced both inside and outside of higher education, dedicated and caring professionals who value and take pride in Cornell’s mission of changing lives through innovative education.

We are the college leadership.

We are committed to sustaining and growing Cornell’s liberal arts education for current students and for future Cornellians. Together, under the leadership of President Jonathan Brand and the Board of Trustees, we diligently work to support what makes Cornell extraordinary.

We are alumni.

Lawyers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, activists, researchers, programmers, Peace Corps volunteers … the list of notable and outstanding careers never ends. We are kind of a big deal—we are Fulbright, State Department Superior Honor Award, and Pulitzer recipients—just to name a few.