Measuring our successes

Success isn’t determined by what others say about us, but it does confirm that what we’re doing works. Cornell College offers a distinctive experience unlike any other. You will enjoy an individualized experience that allows you to pursue and achieve high-reaching goals. Our graduates are scholars, leaders, writers, and world-changers. Their journeys started on the Hilltop, so will yours.

What others say about us

Cornell is listed as having a top 100 undergraduate degree in engineering
most innovative
We are one of the top 100 national liberal arts colleges

Colleges That Change Lives

In 1996, Loren Pope provided an alternative to traditional college rankings in his book Colleges That Change Lives, which highlighted little-known colleges that offered exceptional student experiences. Cornell College was one of those schools. Our reputation has grown a lot since then, but we’re still proud to be featured prominently in his latest edition.

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It’s fitting that Cornell College has a revolutionary calendar to match its spirit.”
Loren Pope
Author of Colleges That Change Lives

Not-so-humble-brag ...

Cornellians are a pretty impressive group. Recent graduates have contributed to society in all fields and endeavors and include recipients of the National Medal of Science, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Black Engineer of the Year. And Cornell College's statistics on student outcomes tell an impressive story.

of the graduating Class of 2021 completed their degrees in 4 years
of the Class of 2020 are employed or pursuing further education
Cornell's 5-year Medical School Acceptance rate (national average was 40%)
of the Class of 2020 completed undergraduate research
Cornellians have been Fulbright recipients in the past 15 years
of the Class of 2020 graduated with a major and minor or a double major
“One Course At A Time is a lot more like real work-life. You are going to have intense periods of time where you are focused on one thing and that made me better at working in technology and eased the transition from college to a career. It helped me focus, taught me how to plan, and how to deliver results on time.”
Ann McGregor
Supervisor in the computer science
department for the Center for Talented
Youth at Johns Hopkins University

Discover Cornell success stories

Hear firsthand from current students, graduates, and faculty about the learning experience at Cornell. You could say we’ve perfected the formula for student success. You’ll learn how our students get opportunities to set themselves apart throughout their studies, build hands-on skills, and forge valuable connections.

The Cornell Advantage

Hear firsthand from current students, graduates, and faculty about the learning experience at Cornell.

Alexander Nelson

Cornell College alumnus Alexander Nelson

“I learned that I can push my boundaries and do things that I ordinarily would have been terrified of doing. Several times at Cornell I’ve been pushed to go do something different, have a new experience and broaden my horizons. I never thought I could push myself as I do now.”

Cleo Sullivan

Cornell College alumna Cleo Sullivan

“Cornell has some amazing faculty that supported me through every challenge and triumph. The mentorship I received from the faculty in my departments helped me to believe in my potential as a scholar.”

Kyrstyn Renee’ Dyson

Cornell College alumna Kyrstyn Renee Dyson

“It’s easy to push through a month of class and it’s nice to be able to focus on one thing.”