Cornell College is committed to promoting sustainability in the residence halls.  There are several options for students to live green.


There are recycling locations in each residence hall.  Students are encouraged to recycle everything that can be recycled. Facility Services has provided a complete list of items that can be recycled.

Facilities improvements

Cornell College is regularly making sustainable improvements to the residence halls and other campus buildings. These include things like high efficiency windows and doors, extra insulation in exterior walls, high-efficiency gas furnaces, low water use toilets, and high-efficiency gas water heaters. You can refer to the College's commitment to energy management for more details. You can also refer to many suggestions to save energy. These are excellent tips, most of which you can readily implement in your residence hall (like taking shorter showers, turning off unneeded lights, or using double-sided printing whenever possible).

Facilities issues

If you encounter a window that won't close, a leaky faucet, or other concern affecting energy usage, contact your RA.  Your RA will notify the appropriate staff member so that the issue can be fixed.

Dining on campus

Dining Services has made sustainability a priority. Use of locally-sourced food when possible, the constant availability of vegetarian and vegan options, and tray-free dining are just some of the existing initiatives found in the Hilltop Café, and more are introduced regularly as the staff continue to build a more sustainable program. Refer to Dining Service's webpage for more information.

Cornell's college and community garden

Cornell College's Enactus has funded a college and community garden. You can learn more about the community garden. or visit Enactus' website for information on other projects.