When are statements mailed out?

The first statement of the year is available around mid-July of each year. The payment is due by August 12 unless you set up a payment plan. Paper bills will not be mailed, but the bill will be posted to the online self-service website that every student has access to. If the student wishes their parents to have this information, they may issue them their own log in information through the IT website. Students will receive a notification in the mail when the bill is available.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, Cornell College does accept credit card payments when the payments are made on-line.  Payments may also be mailed or made by cash or check at the Old Sem Information Desk.

What if I select a payment plan, but then find that I need to change it during the year?

Please contact the Student Accounts Office at the first sign of trouble with a payment plan. We are here to help you and make financing a Cornell education possible; we will work with you to find the best option for you.

What if a charge on my bill seems incorrect?

If the charge in question is a parking fee, please contact Campus Safety. They will be able to clear this up with you. If the charge is indeed an error, Campus Safety will e-mail our office to remove the charge from your account. If the charge in question is for something else, please contact Student Accounts. They will be able to direct you to the appropriate office that asked to have the charge placed on your bill so you can have your questions answered.

How do I request a check for the credit on my account?

You may e-mail studentaccounts@cornellcollege.edu to request the amount for which you are eligible. No refund will be issued until your loans have been received by the college.  This means you are generally able to request the first check the first week of class in the fall, and the first week after winter break. If your loan is not disbursed, you will be notified upon your request and asked to clear up whatever problem there is before you can receive the refund.

When am I eligible for a meal reimbursement for being off campus?

Meal reimbursements are only for students who are off campus for class related activities.  If you are taking a vacation block, there is no refund.

If you are on a class trip, your professor is responsible for getting the information to our office so refunds can be issued.  If you are taking an internship off campus, you are responsible for having the meal refund form completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office along with your proposal.  When your proposal is approved the form will be sent to our office to issue the refund.  All refunds are issued the week prior to your departure so you have the funds to purchase food on your trip.

Meal Plan information can be found here.

How am I charged if I take less than 8 blocks?

All non-seniors are required to be enrolled full time, taking a minimum of 3 blocks a semester, unless an exception is made through the Academic Standing Committee.  If you are a senior who doesn’t need 3 blocks to fulfill graduation requirements, you must notify the Student Accounts Office of your reduced course load to determine the changes to your charges and financial aid.

What happens when I withdraw from the college?

Depending on when you withdraw from the college, your charges may be prorated based on the formula in the Catalogue.  If you attend past the 60% point of the semester, you are charged for the whole semester.  It is best to contact Student Accounts to find out how withdrawing will affect you specifically.

When will I receive my enrollment deposit back?

For seniors who graduate, enrollment deposits are put on your account and used to cover last minute incidental charges.  The remaining amount is returned in mid-June to seniors by EFT or paper check to the home address we have on file.  For students who withdraw according to college policy, enrollment deposits are placed on your account and returned roughly a month after your withdrawal.  If you drew into a room for the following year, and withdraw after that point, your enrollment deposit is forfeited.

Where do I get a 1098-T for my taxes?

Information regarding your 1098T is available at: http://www.cornellcollege.edu/business-office/student-accounts-office/1098-t-information.shtml.

What other expenses can be charged to my account? 

Fines and fees are placed on your account if they are not paid on time.  Off campus trips are not charged to student bills, they must be paid on the schedule laid out by the Off Campus Studies Office.  Music lesson fees are charged directly to your account upon notification by the music department.  Any other extraneous charges a student incurs while at Cornell are assumed to be paid when they are accrued.  If they are not, they are placed on the student account for an additional fee.