I-Information about Guatemala

II- Steps for applying:

  • Apply directly to SISAI Escuela de Español at least 2 months before you wish to go
    • Request an airport pick-up
    • Inform them of your arrival and departure dates
    • Inform them of what level of course you wish to take
  • Complete Transfer of Credit form 
    • Have form signed by a professor in the Spanish Program
    • Turn in the completed form to Michelle Long in the Registrar’s OfficeSpeak with the Coordinator of International and Off-Campus Studies at least two months before your trip.  They will guide you regarding other Cornell offices you must visit (this will vary depending on when--during the summer or the school year--and how long you intend to be in Guatemala), and have you fill out the required waiver and emergency contact information form.
  • Purchase your round-trip airplane ticket
    • Choose a flight that gets you to Guatemala City by 1:30 at the latest (so that you can take the 3:00 direct bus to Quetzaltenango)

  III- Recommendations regarding what to take and how to behave in Guatemala

  IV- Regular Activities:

  • One-on-one language classes
  • Wednesday and Friday lectures on culture
  • Afternoon excursions or classes:
    • Salsa class
    • Visit to the Xela cemetery to learn about Xela's history and important historical figures
    • Hike up to the park at the top of “El Baul”
    • Visit surrounding towns (Zunil, Salcajá, San Andrés)
    • Visit the thermal baths at Fuentes Georginas
    • Visit local and near-by weaving cooperatives
    • Visit a local chocolatería and learn to make chocolate from cacao
    • Learn to make traditional Guatemalan food in the home of a "maestra"

  V- Possible Weekend Excursions:

  • Go swimming at the beach in Champerico
  • Visit the Xocomil Water Park
  • Go zip lining (Cannopy)
  • Visit the Chicabal Volcano & lake
  • Visit Mayan ruins in Huehuetenango and Zaculeu
  •  Visit Lake Atitlán and the communities around the lake --  Panajachel, Santiago, San Juan, San Pedro
  • Visit the market in Chichicastenango
  • Visit the former capital of Guatemala, Antigua