Faculty Advisors:
Sally Farrington-Clute; Carol Lacy-Salazar; Marcela Ochoa

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to foster interest in the Hispanic culture and to provide an opportunity to speak Spanish in an informal setting and to learn more about the Hispanic world.

Throughout its history, the Spanish Club has sponsored numerous activities ranging from formal presentations by professional musicians to informal get-togethers to prepare Hispanic meals and share pictures from Cornell-sponsored trips to Spanish-speaking countries. The production of the annual Spanish Play was originally an activity of the Spanish Club, but since the play became an official adjunct course (Spanish 501), the club has supported its production as well as sponsored events open to the entire Cornell community: Latin American authors who spoke about their work (José Donoso, Adolfo Cáceres, Roberto Ampuero), several poetry readings, a presentation by the Mojiganga Puppet Theatre, and a "Learn to Tango" class. As a group, we have gone out to eat in Mexican restaurants in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and West Liberty, and we have also tried our hand at preparing our own versions of food from Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Spain. We always end the school year with a party/despedida in the home of a Spanish faculty member.

All students with an interest in Spanish are welcome to join the Spanish Club and participate in its activities.

Fund-raising for an orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Aprendemos a bailar el tango

Despedida a los "seniors" en 2002

Comida española

Despedida para Alejandra en 2003

Despedida en 2005

Despedida en 2006

Comida costarricense (septiembre 2006)