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  • Photo of Maria Fernanda Diaz-Basteris

    Maria Fernanda Diaz-Basteris

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish

    She teaches introductory, intermediate, and advanced language courses. In addition, she studies Puerto Rican artists’ and art collectives’ representations of race, war, diaspora, crisis, trauma, and colonization, and believes comics, zines, and graphic novels are well-suited for giving form to memory and identity in contemporary Puerto Rican cultural production

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  • Photo of Michael Mosier

    Michael Mosier

    Assistant Professor of Spanish

    Teaches a range of language and conversation courses on campus and in Argentina. He teaches Latin American Short Story and Novel, Latin American Poetry, Modern Latin American Theatre, and Introduction to Latin American Studies. His academic interests include the detective genre in literature, 20th century Latin American narrative, theories of hegemony, and cultural studies. Ph.D. Hispanic Literature

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  • Photo of Alyssa Selmer

    Alyssa Selmer

    Assistant Professor of Spanish

    Specializes in Golden Age Spain with a focus on subaltern voices. In addition, she is interested in contemporary issues (immigration, race relations, languages, etc.) related to Spain in its European context. Ph.D. in Hispanic Literatures and Linguistics

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  • Photo of Maricelle Pinto-Tomas

    Maricelle Pinto-Tomas


Emeriti Faculty

  • Sally Farrington-Clute

    Professor Emerita of Spanish

    Ph.D. and M.A., Harvard University; B.A., Simmons College.

  • Carol Lacy-Salazar

    Professor Emerita of Spanish

    Ph.D and M.A., University of Arizona; B.A. in religion, Duke University.

  • Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour

    Professor Emerita of Spanish

    Ph.D and M.A., The University of Iowa.