Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if my registration worked?  I didn't see the "Complete" screen that says "You have successfully added courses to your registration...", did it go through?
    Likely yes.  When there are so many students registering at once, sometimes some students don't get that "Complete" screen.  To be sure, go to the Classes tab, then Schedule, and click on the Period that you just registered for to see what shows up.
  2. What if I can't meet with my advisor?  

    You must meet with your advisor prior to registration beginning to review your classes.  If you do not meet with your advisor, they will tell the Registrar's office and we will put a Stop on your registration. If you advisor is off campus, and they did not direct you to consult with someone else in the department, you should meet with the department chair.

  3. What if I don't meet the requirements for a class I want to add?  

    If you have errors in your selections such as not meeting the prerequisites it will show up after you click Proceed to Registration after you add a course or courses.   You will need to remove those courses from your cart in order to proceed with the rest of the blocks.  You can go back later to search for something else in those blocks that didn’t work.  If you are planning on asking permission from the instructor that the prerequisite be waived for some reason, you will need to have the instructor sign a paper add/drop slip.  Bring that add/drop slip to the Registrar's office once your registration time period has begun and will add you to the class.  In the meantime, add a different class to that block in case you don’t get in to the original class. 

  4. What if a class I want to add is full?  

    If a class is full, it will show a Wait button instead of Add. (During first year student registration the wait list button wont be available until the week after).  When you Proceed to Registration it will not actually add you to the course, but show that you are on the waitlist.  If a seat opens up in the course Self-Service will automatically email the first person on the waitlist to notify them that a seat is open.  That person will have 24 hours to log in to Self-Service to add the course.  If they do not do so, Self-service will email the second person on the list, and so on.

  5. Do I have to start with a certain registration period?  

    No, you can start with whichever period you want, just be sure to complete blocks 1-4 in 202x Fall and blocks 5-8 in 202x Spring.

  6. Do I have to add all my classes at once?  

    You can Add courses one at a time, and click Proceed to Registration, and Finalize your selection for each class one at a time or you can add multiple courses to your cart for different sessions and click the “Proceed to Registration” once and finalize your schedule all at once. 

  7. Can I drop a class if I change my mind?  

    While this registration period is live and turned on, once you add and finalize a course for a block you can NOT drop the course.  You will not be able to drop a course until after registration closes and the add/drops session begins.

  8. How do I add an individual project, internship or vacation block?  

    Individual projects and internships both have paperwork that need to be turned in one week prior to the start of the block you are doing the project/internship.  During registration, use a placeholder.  PROJ 000 for Individual Project, or INTRN 000 for Internship.  Vacation blocks are only open to seniors, and seniors can register for VAC 700.  All non-seniors must petition to the Academic Standing Committee for a vacation block.