Cornell Summer Research Institute

Find an off-campus research opportunity in math or computer science:

Please contact the Department of Mathematics or Computer Science if you have general questions about the nature of mathematics research or about any of these research opportunities.

Math competitions


LaTeX is a powerful math typesetting language that is used to produce documents, journal articles, slides and posters. In order to produce LaTeX documents you will need (free) software, such as MikTeX for MS Windows or MacTeX for Mac systems.

Tutoring and assistance

Student tutors are selected and hired by the Quantitative Reasoning Studio in consultation with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Tutors are available to help you in introductory math classes.

Where? Quantitative Reasoning Studio, 125 Cole Library

When? Quantitative Reasoning Consultant Jessica Johanningmeier is generally in or around the QR Studio Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. But to be sure she is there, email or call x4222 first. Appointments are also accepted.

Student tutors for introductory math classes are available in the evenings. Days and times vary from one block to the next. A schedule of hours is available at the QR Studio.

Coming soon...information on Math Club!