Core Faculty

  • Photo of Aparna Thomas

    Aparna Thomas

    Associate Professor of Politics and Sexuality, Gender, and Women's Studies

    Teaches the international relations courses Gender in Developing Countries, Political Economy of Developing Countries, Women and Politics: A Cross-National Perspective, and Strategies to Alleviate Poverty. Thomas is an expert on the politics of South Asia and global feminism. Ph.D., political science, Western Michigan University.

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  • Photo of David Yamanishi

    David Yamanishi

    Associate Professor of Politics

    Teaches courses in international relations, including International Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, and International Political Economics. He also teaches courses in comparative politics that deal with the themes of democratization, development, and human rights, both globally and with special emphasis on Latin America and Europe. Ph.D., political science, University of California, Los Angeles.

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Affiliated Faculty

  • Photo of Devan Baty

    Devan Baty

    Professor of French

    Teaches the elective courses France in North Africa, and Cultures of France and the Francophone World. Ph.D., French, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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  • Photo of A'amer Farooqi

    A'amer Farooqi

    Professor of Economics and Business

    Teaches the international relations courses Economic Development, International Economics, Global Environmental Economics, and Macroeconomics. Ph.D., economics, University of Pittsburgh.

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  • Photo of Michelle Herder

    Michelle Herder

    Associate Professor of History

    Teaches the elective courses The Crusades, and Europe 1300-1700. Ph.D., history, Yale University.

  • Photo of Lynne Ikach

    Lynne Ikach

    Professor of Russian

    Teaches the elective courses Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization, and Russian Spies and Statesmen. Ph.D., Slavic languages and literature, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  • Todd Knoop

    David Joyce Professor of Economics and Business

    Teaches the international relations courses Macroeconomics Seminar in China, and Macroeconomics. Ph.D., economics, Purdue University.

  • Misha Quill

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Teaches the elective course Globalization, Migration, and Social Change. Ph.D., cultural anthropology, University of Iowa.

  • Rebecca  Wines

    Assistant Professor of French

    Teaches the elective course Introduction to French and Francophone Film. Ph.D., French literature, University of Michigan.