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Program Overview

Major: International Relations

This interdisciplinary major has been designed to prepare students either for further study of international relations or for future employment in government or business.

By combining courses in history, politics, and economics and business with the study of a modern foreign language, students complement their theoretical knowledge with the tools for its practical application. Students are strongly urged to study outside the United States, and have many options.

One Course At A Time

Cornell's One Course At A Time calendar enables students to participate in a wide-range of block-long courses abroad, or to engage in longer programs through external programs, such as peace and conflict studies in Ireland, the Middle East, or Switzerland. International internships and fellowships are also supported by the Berry Career Institute and by the Cornell Fellows Program, respectively.


Past International Relations graduates have pursued careers in business and government service. Others pursue graduate studies in law, international relations, history, and politics. Since the inception of the program in 1983, several graduates have been appointed officers of the US Foreign Service.