The Ingenuity in Action program at Cornell College provides guided opportunities to students to document and reflect on their educational experiences.

What should advisors know?

Cornell College will adopt new requirements for all students entering the college in Fall 2020 as first year students. As part of those requirements, it is important for students to know that they must complete two experiences; each from a different category. The six experiential learning categories are: Civic Engagement, Creative Expression, Global Connections, Leadership, Professional Exploration, and Research.

In order to complete the activity, a student must find a faculty or staff sponsor who will provide mentorship and guidance throughout this activity. This sponsor will ultimately approve or deny the student's reflection. If a student has a question about submitting a reflection, they should contact their sponsor.

Advisor FAQ

How does a student find an Ingenuity in Action activity?

Students can turn any experiential learning opportunity into an Ingenuity in Action activity through the process of completing a proposal and telling us about the activity and how it meets the requirements of the program. A student can also choose from one of the pre-approved activities found in each category on the student page.

Do I need to approve a student's participation in Ingenuity in Action?

When a student completes an experience and submits the final reflection, the Academic Advisor listed on their application will be notified, but you do not need to take any action. The email notification is sent via email through the InAct Portal and will include a PDF of the student’s final reflection. 

What activities could a student complete to satisfy each Ingenuity in Action requirement?

Students can complete a variety of activities, including internships, off-campus courses, art projects, on-campus jobs, and many others. For more information about possible and pre-approved activities, visit the student page.

Has the College created graduation checklists that incorporate the new graduation requirements?

The College is currently developing checklists for Academic Advisors to use in helping students meet this graduation requirement, as well as the other requirements of the new Ingenuity curriculum.

More information will be added to help academic advisors understand the new requirements and ensure their students meet those requirements for graduation. Check back soon, or you can contact the Berry Career Institute for more information on Ingenuity in Action. 

How does Ingenuity in Action show up on a student's transcript?

A student's transcript will reflect the Ingenuity in Action category that they completed in the semester in which their experience happened. The student's transcript below shows that the student completed a Civic Engagement, Global Connections, and Leadership experiences from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019. Ingenuity in Action activities will show up as a zero-credit, Pass/Fail course with course code EXP 101-106.

transcript sample