Ingenuity: The power of creative imagination; the quality of being thoughtful, original, and inventive, often in the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges.

All-College Seminars

The First-Year Seminar cannot be double-counted with other requirements. First-Year Writing Seminar and Second-Year Seminar can also count toward an elective in a major/minor and/or as meeting an Explorations requirement.

First-Year Seminar: Diving In

(Block 1 and Student Success Component in Blocks 1-3)

All students with less than 7 credits will enroll in a First-Year Seminar. Credits granted to students from examinations cannot be counted towards the total credits needed to exempt a student from a First-Year Seminar.

This First-Year Seminar (FYS), which has a common syllabus across sections, encourages creative and critical thinking about works from a variety of disciplines and provides students with a shared foundation for their educational experience at Cornell College. This course will focus on cultivating providing opportunities for growth alongside the support to achieve this growth.

The student success component extends our focus on students’ transition to college, emphasizing personal well-being, social connectedness, and academic preparedness across 3 blocks.

View the 2019 FYS schedule to get a feel for the pace. 

First-Year Writing Seminar—1 Credit

Topically based courses, with some common elements, taken in a student’s first year, and focused on the further development of academic writing skills. Through both informal and formal writing, students will focus on the process of writing, explore writing techniques and strategies, reflect on their work, and use the revision process to develop and communicate their ideas more effectively. Students are only allowed to earn credit for one first-year writing seminar.

Second-Year Seminar: Citizenship in Practice (Block 1)

All students with less than 14 credits will enroll in a second-year seminar. Credits granted to students from examinations cannot be counted towards the total credits needed to exempt a student from a Second Year Seminar.

Topically based courses encouraging citizenship in practice by focusing on informed, creative problem-solving of real-world issues through disciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches. These courses may include community engagement and/or hands-on experiences such as field trips, off-campus study, service learning, simulations, performances, installations, exhibits, or lab work. SYS courses do not have prerequisites.