Virtual yoga, meditations, energy medicine, and more

Sponsored by Chaplain & Spiritual Life in conjunction with Cornell College's Well-being Network

See links below for calming breath, energy, and compassion based mind-body-spirit practices with college chaplain and certified mindfulness, meditation, and yoga instructor, Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel. Join us here anytime for 5, 10, 20, & 50+ minute practices to help you ground, release stress, strengthen your immune system, and experience peace. Offerings ranged from meditations, gentle yoga, centering prayer, and qigong, to simple daily energy medicine routines working with acupressure points, energy centers and pathways of the body. Included are healing meditations for others, world, and self.  Remember that you can approach the breath and universal life force energy or Spirit in a prayerful, spiritual way, or in a secular way amid your meditation, yoga, and qigong practices.

Throughout the school year Rev. CQE also offers weekly drop-in yoga and meditation classes as well as mindfulness courses for 1/4 academic credit.  "Mindfulness, Meditation, and Psychological Health" (PSY513) is offered each semester through the Psychology Dept.  "Awaken: Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Peace" (REL513) is a new inter-spirituality course she is developing for launch in Fall 2020 through the Religion Department which draws upon Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Christian mystical or contemplative wisdom traditions.  For more informatoin and to register for classes, go to Self-Serve.   

physics videoWatch Invitation to Centering Prayer (above) first. Centering prayer: The age-old practice of quietly communing w/ Indwelling Presence as found in Christian and other traditions.
Preparing for Centering Prayer | Centering Prayer

physics videoWatch Intro to Breathing of the Universe (above) first. Qigong: Gentle moving meditations which open & balance energy channels of the body. Also strengthen physical, spiritual & mental energy.
Breathing of the Universe: Woodland SoundsMoving Yin & Yang Energy Qigong practice | Crane: Simple Tai Chi Flow | Flaming Hot! Cheese Fondue Moving Meditation | Intro to Heaven Touching Earth | Heaven Touching Earth with Woodland Sounds | Lower Belly or Lower Dantian | Open Energy Pathways: Spring Forest Qigong (Contentment) | Open Energy Pathways for Well-being and Inner Peace

energy medicine imageWatch Mind Clear and Energy Refreshed (above) first. Other energy medicine: Working with acupressure points, energy pathways, and centers of the body. Benefits similar to Qigong.
Acupressure to Help Ground YouImmune System Boost Acupressure | Calming Finger Hold Protocol #1 | Calming Finger Hold Protocol #2 

coming soon imageMindfulness & Energy Medicine Classes: Students are encouraged to sign up for a 1/4 credit 7 week Psy 513 Mindfulness, Meditation & Psychological Health adjunct course with Rev CQE (go to Self-Serve for more information). Or, join her for live Tuesday afternoon yoga classes and Friday 11:15 group meditation.
Mindfulness & Energy Medicine Faculty & Staff Spring 2020 Session 3