Virtual mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy medicine & more

Access the peace you've had all along hidden beneath tension and worry. Beyond weekly live campus offerings, here you'll find mind-body-spirit recordings with certified mindfulness, meditation, yoga instructor, sound healer, and qigong practice group leader, Rev. Dr. Catherine Quehl-Engel. 

Videos include mindfulness and meditation, energy medicine like qigong, vibrational sound healing, yin yoga with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) informed sequences, and other ways of rebalancing energy centers and pathways of the body. Remember, you can approach breath, energy, and awareness in either prayerful sacred or secular ways depending on your wiring. 


Mindful Session 1: 

Mindful Session 2:

Mindful Session 3:

Mindful Session 4:

Mindful Session 5:

Mindful Session 6: [more on the way]

YIN YOGA is a slow, meditative, relaxed approach
to compliment more active yoga, running, and mindfulness training.  It penetrates fascia in hard to reach areas around joints. We hold postures for 2-5 minutes with mild to moderate sensation in targeted areas. Rev. CQE integrates a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) energy approach to these yin yoga recordings working with 5 Element theory, meridians (energy pathways) and acupressure points to help release stress, fear, frustration, and grief while helping increase ease and healing peace.

  • Yin Yoga to release stress, anger or anxiety (30 min.)
  • Yin Yoga to aid relaxation and ease (WOOD element).

  • Yin Yoga for Equanimity (EARTH element).

  • Yin Yoga for Greater Effortless Effort (WATER element).
  • Yin Yoga for living amid change, loss, and impermanence (METAL element).

Less polished practice videos filmed Spring 2020 as Rev. CQE and other educators scrambled to create care responses amid the initial phase of the pandemic impacting our campuses. Still, these videos contain goodness offering ways to ground, relax, and navigate amid these complicated times.

physics videoWatch Invitation to Centering Prayer (above) first. Centering prayer: The age-old practice of quietly communing w/ Indwelling Presence as found in Christian and other traditions.
Preparing for Centering Prayer | Centering Prayer

physics videoWatch Intro to Breathing of the Universe (above) first. Qigong: Gentle moving meditations which open & balance energy channels of the body. Also strengthen physical, spiritual & mental energy.
Breathing of the Universe: Woodland SoundsMoving Yin & Yang Energy Qigong practice | Crane: Simple Tai Chi Flow | Flaming Hot! Cheese Fondue Moving Meditation | Intro to Heaven Touching Earth | Heaven Touching Earth with Woodland Sounds | Lower Belly or Lower Dantian | Open Energy Pathways: Spring Forest Qigong (Contentment) | Open Energy Pathways for Well-being and Inner Peace

energy medicine imageWatch Mind Clear and Energy Refreshed (above) first. Other energy medicine: Working with acupressure points, energy pathways, and centers of the body. Benefits similar to Qigong.
Acupressure to Help Ground YouImmune System Boost Acupressure | Calming Finger Hold Protocol #1 | Calming Finger Hold Protocol #2