On campus worship, faith gatherings, & healing prayer: 

We hope you will join us for on-campus programs which nourish the soul and grow both inner and outer peace. 

NOTE: Amid COVID-19, BEING PEACE (inter-faith) and HOPE. PRAY. LOVE (Christian ecumenical) campus services will be held on Allee Chapel lawn (Blocks 1 & 2).  We move to Zoom when weather requires it (secure Zoom link @ crnl.co/mindbodyspirit). 

Being Peace (Interfaith) 
1st Wed. of each Block 4:30 - 5pm

Praying with and for the Earth. Includes meditation for transmitting the energy of love and healing peace. Led by Chaplain, Spiritual Life's Better Together Interfaith Allies, and Soul Friends (ecumenical Christian). 

Hope is not cancelled.
Hope. Pray. Llove. 
(Ecumenical Christian)
2nd Wed. of Block, 4:30-5pm 

Nourishment for the soul in tough times. Small group devotional with uplifting message from chaplain, inclusive love, and fellowship among Soul Friends new and old.If you've tried other Christian gatherings but felt pressured or out of place, give us a try.
~Sponsored/led by Spiritual Life student leaders & chaplain

Mind-Body-Spirit prayerful, meditative movement:
Fri.10:30am-12:45pm (except block breaks) 

You can approach these breath and energy centered practices like qigong (a tai chi like flow) in a prayerful or secular ways (i.e. consent to letting the universe and/or the Divine breathe and pray inside you).  

Jewish services:   

Shabbat and other Jewish observances are run through Cornell's Hillel with support from the Cornell College Chaplain as a Hillel advisor.  Amid Coronavirus we will gather outside for Shabbat prayers and light refreshment. We'll turn to Zoom for cold/wet weather.  Ongoing open meetings and special observances such as a Rosh Hashanah  and Passover are open to all regardless of belief or background. Contact Hillel for more information.  

Students are also encouraged to participate in services at Temple Judah (Cedar Rapids) just down the road, or Agudas Acheim (Iowa City).  

Private Prayer, Salat, & Meditation: 

Allee Chapel is protected sacred space on campus for your personal prayer and meditation needs. Feel free to leave prayers of intercession (anonymously) for others, world, or self in the prayer book located just inside the front door and the chaplain will include them in her own quiet pastoral prayers.  A prayer rug on the East facing wall near the diverse prayerbook book shelf marks the direction toward Mecca (Qiblah established by Imam).

Allee Chapel can be reserved by Cornell students, faculty, and staff if for a spiritual/religious purpose, though amid COVID-19 there will be no group gatherings in this space until further notice.

Other student faith orgs officially recognized by the college: Check out student clubs like Deep Water and FCA for Bible study and fellowship opportunities. 

I'm also always on the look out for students who may be interested in reviving Buddhist, MSA (Muslim Student Association), our Southeast Asian Association (Hindu, Sikh, Muslim), or Roman Catholic Student Association. Or launching something new. 

Off-campus worship

There are hundreds of faith homes in the Mt. Vernon/Lisbon and greater Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area. See listings below as well as on the Linn County and Iowa City/Coralville pages. Remember that, amid COVID-19, many faith communities are worshipping via Facebook, YouTube, or Zoom. Definitely go to the website of Houses of Worship for more information. 

Mt.Vernon/Lisbon Area

Beyond Mt. Vernon

African Methodist Episcopal

Assembly of God



Roman Catholic





Latter Day Saints


United Methodist

Non-Denominational Christian



United Church of Christ

Unitarian Universalist