• Photo of Rhawn Denniston

    Rhawn Denniston

    Associate Professor of Geology

    Teaches several courses related to archaeology, including Mineralogy, Climate Change, and Geomorphology. Ph.D., geosciences, University of Iowa.

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  • Photo of John Doershuk

    John Doershuk

    Visiting Professor of Anthropology

    Has taught various courses in anthropology over the years, including Archaeology, Introduction to Archaeological Field Methods, Human Origins, and Indigenous Peoples and Cultures of North America. He became the Iowa State Archaeologist in July 2007. Ph.D., anthropology, Northwestern University.

  • Photo of John Gruber-Miller

    John Gruber-Miller

    Professor of Classical Studies

    Serves as advisor to the archaeology program. He teaches off-campus courses on Greek and Roman archaeology and courses in Latin and Greek. Ph.D., classics, The Ohio State University.

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  • Photo of Chris Hoklotubbe

    Chris Hoklotubbe

    Assistant Professor of Religion

    Teaches both on and off-campus courses on Greek and Roman archaeology and religion, with a special emphasis upon how such materials inform our interpretation of the New Testament and Early Christianity. He also teaches Native American Religions, which includes discussion about how archaeological remains inform our understanding of ancient indigenous religious cultures and practices.

  • Photo of Drew Muscente

    Drew Muscente

    Assistant Professor of Geology

    Teaches a number of courses that may count toward the archaeology major, including Sedimentology and Stratigraphy. Ph.D. Geoscience, Virginia Tech.

  • Photo of Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

    Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

    Professor of Art History

    Teaches the course Etruscan and Roman Art. Ph.D., art history, University of Iowa.

  • Photo of Misha Quill

    Misha Quill

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Teaches courses in justice, gender, human rights, social organization, sustainability, medical anthropology, religious practice, and research methods. Her courses, which focus on the social world, often include trips in places such as India, Nepal, the Bahamas, Ireland, and Mexico. Quill's research in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Ireland focuses largely on the complex interactions that NGOs and nonprofits have with the people they seek to help. Ph.D., cultural anthropology, University of Iowa.

  • Photo of Cindy Strong

    Cindy Strong

    Professor of Chemistry

    Teaches courses in analytical chemistry. Ph.D., chemistry, California Institute of Technology.

  • Photo of Emily Walsh

    Emily Walsh

    Professor of Geology

    Teaches a number of courses that may count toward an archaeology major, and she has also co-led the off-campus course Greek Archaeology. Ph.D. geological sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara.