Professor Ellen Whale

Consulting Librarian for the Physical Education Jean Donham

Writing Consultants Jen Rouse and Mariah Steele

This course covers the historical and philosophical foundations of physical education. It introduces students to academic research and writing.

Annotated Bibliography
Summary Paper

Level:  100

 Block Plan Context:












Important Features of the Assignment:

  • Uses critical thinking while critiquing each source.
  • Learns to select and evaluate materials from a variety of sources, including reference books, texts and professional journals.
  • Includes proper documentation and citations.
  • Emphasizes research and writing as a process by beginning with annotated bibliographies and moving toward summary papers.
  • Utilizes the expertise of the librarian and writing consultants.
  • Involves sequencing by beginning with critical annotations, incorporating these into a summary paper, and then proposing topics for future research.

Description of Assignment:

Related to physical education and/or sport, students will explore a topic from a broad perspective.  They will evaluate the sources and write an annotation of each. These will be reviewed by their peers in class. Students will summarize the topic using their annotations. They will conclude with proposing narrower research topics that may be used in later courses.

I. Annotated Bibliography: (each annotation will be graded separately and compiled for grade)

A.     Contain a minimum of 6 professional sources that are appropriate to topic (articles, texts, reference books)

B.     Contain 1 source from a reference encyclopedia

C.     Include NO web sites

D.     For each reference, provide a 2-4 paragraph summary of relevant information available in the reference. A complete citation, written in proper APA format, will be included at the top of each annotation.    (** See example provided below)

E.     Annotations will be due according to the following schedule. Each will be graded individually and returned to students as quickly as possible.

Annotation #1, 2
Peer Review: Friday, Sept. 9, 9AM
Due: Monday, Sept. 12,     9AM

Summary #3, 4, 5

Peer Review: Thursday, Sept. 15, 9AM
Due: Friday, Sept. 16 , 9AM

Annotation #6,
Due:  Monday, Sept. 19, 9AM

II. Summary paper

In 4-5 pages, summarize the significant findings from your research on this broad topic. Include a strong and well organized introduction and closing.  Develop the paper in an appropriate order that is logical and easy for the reader to follow.  Include appropriate citations of references for information within the body of the text.  Top, bottom and side margins of 1 inch; type font of 12

III. Future Research Topic

Provide 3-4 more focused or specific research topics, ideas or questions that a student may pursued in other Cornell courses.  For each idea, provide 2-4 sentences that help the reader understand what a paper on that topic, idea or question would cover

IV. Final Project

When complete, the final project will be compiled (Stapled or bound in some manner!) as follows with each section after the first page labeled accordingly:

A.  Title Page to include: Title of Research,   Student’s Name, Date B.  Summary Paper with Title of Research C.  List of References – Alphabetical order by author; APA format D.  Annotated Bibliography - include all annotations – you may update if desired but  these will not be re-graded E.      Future Research Topic

Schedule for Summary Paper and Future Research Topics
      Peer review: Thursday, Sept. 22, 9 am.           

To the Writing Studio: No later than 2:00 pm on Monday, Sept. 26

:  Tuesday, September 27, 9:00 am – in-class sharing


1.    Disabled Individuals in Physical Activity Settings
2.    Violence in Sports
3.    Obesity
4.    Recreation and Senior Citizens
5.    Exercise and Mental Health
6.    Women and Sports
7.    Race and Ethnicity in Sports
8.    No Child Left Behind Law
9.    Media and Sports
10.  Movement and Brain Development
11.  Games, Sports and Recreation of Native Americans
12.  Politics and Sport
13.  Religion and Sports
14.  Nutrition and Sports Performance
15.  Aging and Physical Performance
16.  Sports Drug Abuse
17.  Issues of Past and Current Olympics
18.  Sport and Money
19.  Teaching Approaches and Physical Education
20.  Homophobia and Sports
21.  College Athletics

***Sample Annotation

Sharpley, Steve. (1996, July). A review of the contributions of psychologists to the study of
stress. Stress News, 9, (3), 2-4.

This review highlights the lack of clear definitions of stress provided by writers. At times, in magazine and newspaper articles, no definition of stress is given.

This author describes stress as "a negative discrepancy between an individuals perceived state and desired state, provided that the presence of this discrepancy is considered important by the individual." Studies in the field of stress have tended to focus on four broad areas: the individual's personality and belief sets, the affect of stress on workers and the working environment, methods of coping with stress, and methods of providing employee help for stress related problems in the work place (Primarily Employee Assistance Programs and Stress Management Programs).

Another focus of study has centered on the environment in which people work. The World Health Organization states that approximately 50% of people are unhappy with their jobs and yet spend typically half of their conscious lives at work. Management tends to view stress as an employee problem and not one associated with the work environment. Until companies implement stress management education for all working classes, stress will continue to prevail in every day lives










Librarian discusses assignment with entire class.

Librarian conferences with the students in pairs to help them focus their topics.

Librarian conferences with the students in pairs to help them focus their topics.

Peer Review of Annotations  1&2


Annotations 1 & 2 due.

Meet with Writing Consultant this week or next.

Peer Review of Annotations 3, 4 &5

Annotations 3, 4 &5 due.


Annotation 6 due.

Meet with Writing Consultant this week or previous.

Peer Review of Summary Paper

Writing Workshop on strong thesis statements, topic sentences and their relationship to the structure of a research paper. Students also worked in pairs to evaluate each other’s work.


Meet with Writing Consultant by 2 pm today.

Summary Paper and Future Research Projects due.