Ask a consulting librarian to

  • teach your class about design course pages that will be available electronically

    • searching for and evaluating information
    • citing sources in the style appropriate to your discipline
  • arrange for course reserves

  • brainstorm ideas for research assignments for your course

  • purchase resources for your course

  • help you locate resources for your course assignment(s)

  • collaborate with you in designing tools to assess the research process as well as the end product

Greg Cotton—Visual Arts, Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology
Phone: 4454
303 Cole Library

Jen Rouse—Performing Arts & Humanities, Education
Phone: 4466
304 Cole Library

Meghan Yamanishi—Social Sciences, History, and Archives
Phone: 4143
308 Cole Library

 Amy Gullen—Natural Sciences and Technology
Phone: 4240
305 Cole Library

Ask a writing consultant to

  • teach your class about scheduling conferences with students in your class to review their writing at early or late stages

    • developing a research question
    • composing a thesis statement
    • developing support for a thesis or argument
    • organizing information from a variety of sources
  • assist with writers’ workshops in your class

Laura Farmer, Writing Studio Director

    Phone: 4509


    315 Cole Library

Ask a quantitative reasoning consultant to

  • work with faculty and students in using and interpreting numerical information whether in research articles, texts, or programs such as Excel, SPSS, minitab, ICPSR, etc.

Jessica Johanningmeier

    Phone: 4222


    324 Cole Library

Ask the academic technology consultant to

  • teach your class about

    • scanning images in Photoshop Elements
    • using Microsoft Office products
    • developing effective PowerPoint Presentations
    • developing web pages with Dreamweaver
    • basic video / audio editing
    • podcasting
    • basic document design (including posters)
  • schedule conferences with students in your class to review their class projects

  • assist with Moodle, the course management software

Brooke Bergantzel

    Phone: 4125


    122 Cole Library

Please note that student peer support is also available Sunday-Thursday evenings, 6-11 pm