The following courses have been approved for gender, sexuality, and women's studies credit:

ANT 271 Women's Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ART 363 Feminist Art
ART 361 Saints and She-Devils
BIO 108 Sex: A Feminist Evolutionary Perspective
CLA 264 Women in Antiquity CLA 373 Love and Sexuality in Greece and Rome
ENG 325 Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature (when the topic is “Women Writers in the Age of Shakespeare” or focuses on a particular woman writer)
ENG 335 Virginia Woolf
ENG 372 Film and Criticism (when the topic is “Women Directors”)
FRE 254 French Women Writers in Translation
HIS 336 Women in the Renaissance and Reformation
HIS 354 United States Social History Since 1940
HIS 358 Work and Leisure in Modern America
MUS 263 Women and Music
KIN 258 Topic: Women and Sport
PHI 352 Philosophy of Feminism
POL 330 Women and Politics: A Cross-National Perspective
POL 331 Gender and Development
POL 361 Race, Sex, and the Constitution
PSY 374 Psychology of Women and Gender
REL 359 Issue in Christianity Today: Feminist Theology
SOC 273 Families in Social Context
SOC 343 Women: Oppressions and Resistances
SOC351 Sociology of the Body
SOC 360 Advanced Topic: Reproductive Practices, Reproductive Policies
SOC 365 Sexualities
SOC 366 Gender and Social Institutions
SOC 367 Self and Identity
THE 343 Women and Theatre