"One of my favorite courses, Global Feminism, explores how factors such as religion, ethnicity, nationality, economic class, and social status affect one's understanding of feminism.  Cornell not only gives students this rich academic experience but also the opportunity to learn on the ground -- enriching themselves with study abroad, internships, and service."

-- Aparna Thomas, Assistant Professor of Politics & Women's Studies


Gender, sexuality, and women's studies at Cornell is an interdisciplinary program offering both a major and minor. We offer four core courses in gender, sexuality, and women's studies including an introductory course  that is open to all students, as well as a senior seminar and capstone project for our majors.  We also offer a number of special topics courses in gender, sexuality, and women's studies and a wide variety of cross-listed courses from departments ranging from art to religion to politics.

Experiential Learning

In addition to exposing students to feminist theory and research, our courses frequently engage students in activist and service projects. We also encourage students to deepen their coursework by pursuing internships, independent and off-campus study, and campus leadership roles as a way to integrate classroom and real-world learning.

Curriculum Details