Registration at Cornell takes place online through the Cornell Registration System

First Year students will register for blocks 5-8 from October 19-30, 2015.  Specific instructions can be found here.

Helpful Information


  • All Add/Drops take place online with the exception of the first three days of the block and during the Accommodation period.
    • Students needing to Add/Drop a course during the first three days of the block, will need to turn in a paper Add/Drop form with signatures from both professors (from the class they are dropping and the class they are adding) and their advisor. 
    • To Add/Drop a class (when it is not the first three days of the block) students should use the online registration system.  Instructions can be found here
    • Exceptions are if students are wishing to add/drop a course that is currently full and they have received permission from the instructor to go over cap.  Or if a student is wishing to add an internship, independent study, or vacation block. 


Accommodation:  Accommodation for students with No Course(s) will be held online through the Cornell Registration System. 

  • Students with No Course(s) will be given access to the Registration System to add courses on a specific day about 1-2 weeks following the close of the registration period.  During this time the online add/drop system will not work for students without a No Course.
  • Instructions can be found here.
  • This is a first come first serve basis.