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Craig Allin, Professor of Politics, teaches courses in American politics, Constitutional law, and public policy. His policy courses include Urban Politics, Environmental Politics, and Wilderness Politics; the latter taught at the Wilderness Field Station in northern Minnesota as part of the Cornell Wilderness Term. Professor Allin is the editor or coeditor of seven reference volumes and author of The Politics of Wilderness Preservation. He is currently working on a book tentatively entitled Wildland Wars: Protecting Nature in National Parks and Wilderness Areas. He serves as an advisor to Pre-law, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Pi Sigma Alpha. Ph.D. and M.A., Princeton University; B.A., Grinnell College

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Craig Allin

Hans Hassell, Assistant Professor of Politics, teaches courses in American Politics. His primary interests are campaigns and elections, political parties, and Congress. His research looks at the role of political parties in congressional primary elections, and explores how the actions of candidates, parties, and interest groups affect the decisions of citizens to become involved in the political process. Ph.D., University of California, San Diego; B.A., Pomona College

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Rob Sutherland, Professor of Politics, teaches courses in political thought, including Foundations of the First Amendment, Ethics and Public Policy, and Revolutionary Political Thought.  He also co-teaches the American politics course Contemporary Cases Before the Supreme Court with Federal Circuit Court Judge David Hanson. Professor Sutherland serves currently as the faculty director of the Cornell Fellows Program which places Cornell students in meaningful professional settings for a block or longer. He also advises the College Republicans. Ph.D. and M.A., Duke University; B.A., University of Texas (Austin)

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Rob Sutherland

Aparna Thomas, Associate Professor of Politics and Women's Studies, teaches courses in international relations, comparative government, and women’s studies. In addition to core courses in these areas, she teaches advanced courses related to women in politics, strategies to alleviate poverty, and comparative healthcare systems. Professor Thomas is an expert on the politics of South Asia and global feminism. She currently chairs the Women's Studies Program and serves as Cornell's faculty advisor to the India Studies Program sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest.  Ph.D. and M.A., Western Michigan University; B.A., Hope College

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Aparna Thomas

David Yamanishi, Associate Professor of Politics, teaches courses in international relations and comparative politics. Within international relations, he focuses on state power vis-à-vis other states, the international system of states, and the international political economy. His comparative politics courses deal with the themes of democratization, development, and human rights both globally and with special emphasis on Latin American and Europe. Professor Yamanishi’s courses are integral to the International Relations and Latin American Studies majors. Ph.D., C.Phil, and M.A., University of California, Los Angeles; B.A., Michigan State University

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David Yamanishi

David Loebsack, Emeritus Professor of Politics, taught in Cornell's Department of Politics for 24 years before his 2006 election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District.

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David Loebsack