Cornell College offers a 3 + 3 Program with The University of Iowa College of Law. If you are certain you want a career in law, the 3 + 3 program allows you the option to attend two top-tier institutions. Through the program students complete both degrees in six years instead of seven, saving a year of tuition and related costs.

In order to participate in the 3 + 3 Program, you must:

  • Meet Cornell degree requirements as outlined in the Professional Programs section of the Academic Catalogue.

  • Be admitted to The University of Iowa College of Law by the end of your junior year. Admission to Iowa Law is not guaranteed for students hoping to participate in the 3 + 3 Program.

As part of the 3 + 3 Program, you may gain admission to Iowa Law in your junior year of college. During what would have been your senior year at Cornell, you will take courses as a first year law student at The University of Iowa. Satisfactory completion of first year law school courses will apply to both your law degree from Iowa Law and your bachelor’s degree from Cornell College.

If you are pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree you are required to complete a Cornell major, and Iowa Law courses may apply to the major if approved by your department. Required first year law courses at Iowa include:

  • Civil Procedure (4 semester hours)

  • Constitutional Law I (3 semester hours)

  • Contracts and Sales Transactions (4 semester hours)

  • Criminal Law (3 semester hours)

  • Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning (1 semester hour)

  • Legal Analysis Writing and Research I & II (2 & 2 semester hours)

  • Property (4 semester hours)

  • Torts (4 semester hours)

  • Spring Elective (3 semester hours)

If you are considering the 3 + 3 Program you should meet with your academic advisor and the Associate Director of the Program for Law and Society early in your academic career at Cornell College. Meeting early with these individuals will allow for adequate planning of your academic schedule at Cornell and prepare you for the law school admission process.