Application deadline

Applications for Cornell affiliated courses are due the first Monday in December.  Students who wish to use their need-based funding toward an affiliated program must submit a petition to the Off-Campus Studies office.

Find a program

If there is not a Cornell course to suit your needs or if you are looking for a longer off-campus experience, the following third-party providers are wonderful places to begin your search. Cornell recognizes that these programs are reputable and educational. As long as you receive a "C" or higher in your course work abroad, these credits will transfer seamlessly.

Exchange programs

Cornell College has established exchange agreements with the following institutions for summer, short-term, semester, or year-long exchange programs.


Every other year, 5 female Cornell students participate in an exchange program in Tokyo, Japan. During their 9 to 10-day stay, they attend classes (in English), participate in various activities, and explore cultural attractions in the local area. Students cover their airfare and some meals and are accompanied by a Cornell professor. Each student completes an individual independent study project to earn course credit for the block.

A Humanities Exchange agreement with Kyoto Seika University allows Cornell students to study for a semester or or a year in Japanese. Courses in the humanities are offered in a variety of categories in Kyoto, Japan. Cornell-approved students pay Cornell tuition as usual and are responsible for airfare, visa, and room and board. Students can also apply for Japan Organization for Student Support (JASSO) scholarships.


Both Ewha and Sookmyung offer summer school opportunities and semester or year-long options for both men and women to study in Korea more in depth. Courses are offered in English in a variety of categories (history, art, literature, economics, medicine, etc.). For the semester or year-long programs, Cornell-approved students pay Cornell tuition as usual and are responsible for airfare, visa, and room and board. For the summer programs, Cornell students do not pay tuition for either program, but are responsible for airfare, passport expenses, and room and board. 

Northern Ireland

Students may apply to study for a semester or full year at a university in Northern Ireland. Students must have a 3.2 GPA and have declared a major to apply.  Students must submit a petition by the first Monday in December.  Our committee will review the applications and then may nominate up to three students, who submit additional application materials to be reviewed by participating universities in Northern Ireland in March.

  • Exchange Program in Northern Ireland (applications are submitted to International & Off-Campus Studies at Cornell in January in order to meet the program's February deadline)

To apply for any exchange programs, a student must fill out a petition and submit it by the appropriate deadline (usually the 1st Monday in December). For more information on these approved programs, contact the Program Coordinator (x4385) in the Office of International & Off-campus Studies.

Foreign Language Abroad Program (FLAP)

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages offers qualified students the opportunity to participate in certain programs operated by other institutions in countries where the native language is French, German, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish.  The majority of the courses in approved FLAP programs must be taught in the foreign language.  Prerequisites:  a grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of the term preceding the start of the program.  Programs range from one semester to one year.

For additional information, please contact faculty in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages.