We encourage our students, especially those considering graduate school, to participate in research projects. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty during summer research projects on campus or to engage in REU programs such as the VIGRE program at the University of Iowa. Students can also pursue or expand research projects through independent study.

Cornell summer research

The aim of our summer research program is for students to experience how mathematics really works. It's more than using prescribed solutions and procedures in contrived problems. In fact, researchers not only seek the answers, they decide what questions they would like to address and how to address them. 

Recent projects have investigated elliptic curves, the Menger sponge in n-dimensions, the history of the Gamma function, and the dispersal of dogbane beetles in tall-grass prairies.

Student symposium

Each spring, Cornell students from many disciplines present the results of collaborative and independent projects at the Cornell Student Symposium. During the symposium, students describe their research and creative projects through oral presentations and poster sessions.  View abstracts from recent symposia

University of Iowa's VIGRE Program

Cornell is one of twelve schools in the Heartland Mathematics Partnership, giving our students a connection to the University of Iowa's excellent mathematics program. The VIGRE REU program offers an opportunity to experience a graduate school research environment and our students are given priority in the selection process.

Independent study & interdisciplinary projects

One of the advantages of studying mathematics at a small liberal arts school is that connections are easily made across disciplines. Math majors have recently competed projects on bioinformatics and the mathematical modeling of HIV, for example.