In the 2014-15 academic year, over $500,000 of outside scholarships were received by Cornell College students. When a student receives an outside scholarship, Cornell College does not typically reduce gift aid, though the amount of and the ability to renew the outside scholarship are reviewed in relation to the college's need based gift award. Guidance counselors, financial organizations, churches, civic groups, or employers can help identify these awards. A good starting point is The National Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators homepage at

Outside scholarships you receive will not be credited to your student account until Cornell receives the check from the awarding agency.  Cornell does not replace funding in subsequent years for scholarships that are non-renewable.

The Financial Assistance Office at Cornell does receive outside scholarship notifications from various organizations.  The Financial Assistance Office does not in any way endorse, or promote any of the organizations represented on this site.  We encourage you to fully research all scholarship opportunities and the specific requirements for each scholarship before you apply.

Available outside scholarships

Cornell receives a variety of scholarship opportunities from a variety of different sources.  Please feel free to review the list of currently available outside scholarship opportunities that we have received online.

United Methodist students attending Cornell may qualify for scholarship opportunities through the National Methodist Foundation or through the State organization.  Please review the scholarship opportunities available for United Methodist students.

Additional resources

Here are some other valuable resources:

SallieMae Pay For College

This free scholarship search offers access to an award database that contains more than 3 million scholarships worth over $16 billion. It is expanded and updated daily. Become a registered member and automatically be entered in a monthly $1000 scholarship drawing. is a reputable scholarship and financial aid information website. At they compare students' individual talents, abilities, and interests to relevant scholarship opportunities in their database. They provide this service at no charge.

ExPAN Scholarship

Search ExPAN Scholarship Search is a free Web version of the College Board's FUND FINDER scholarship database. The College Board's database contains listings of scholarships, fellowships, loans, internships and other types of financial assistance programs.


FinAid is a free comprehensive Web site of financial assistance resources sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

Super College

This site offers a large, searchable database of scholarship opportunities. There are scholarship opportunities for high school students as well as current college students.


Contact Pam Perry in the Office of Financial Assistance to answer any questions you may have.